Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun Times with Meme

We went to Searcy the other night to visit Meme. We had a great visit. I think it is so neat that my kids get to have a relationship with their Great Grandmother. She is always so excited to see them! We actually remembered to take a few pictures this time.

Just the girls:

All the great grand kids:

the whole crew:

Meme had planted some Lilly's outside that she really wanted a picture of the kids with (the flowers were so pretty!)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Trip to the Pool

We have been to the pool several times since it has opened, but Lucy has only gone one time. At first she was OK with it....but after a few minutes she decided that she is not a big fan of the water. I think the water may have been a little too cool for her. The water seems like it has warmed up very quickly this year, so we are going to try again for a fun day at the pool sometime this week.

What a cutie!!

Not too sure about the water....

Snack time!

Cute sisters!

My 4 most favorite people!