Monday, April 9, 2012

Family Pictures

We had some family pictures taken back in November. I love getting pictures made, but I have had a hard time finding a good photographer here in the McKinney area. The girl who took these pictures (Ms. Jenna) is Emily's teacher from PreK 4 last year. She did a good job! Cooper was 7, Emily 5, and Lucy 2.

Six Flags and the Ballpark

We went to Six Flags back in early October with the 4 of us (Lucy was at Miss Jill's) and the Brott Family. I do have to say that I have some brave kids! Cooper rode every ride he was tall enough for and was begging to ride the ones that he wasn't big enough for yet! His favorites were the Texas Giant and Titan. Emily was a little less brave than she was at Disney World, but she still rode lots of fun rides! I totally forgot to take pictures that day! We got season passes, so I knew I would have plenty of chances to get some good pictures.

While Emily was off visiting MawMaw at the end of October, we decided to take Lucy to Six Flags and see what she thought of it. She and Cooper had the best time! This was her first ride of the night. She kept making this cute face with her mouth open wide....

Pretty wild ride for a 2 year old!

Lucy really liked driving the old timey cars!

Cooper rode some of his favorite rides, but he was really sweet to ride all the ones that Lucy was big enough for too!

A hat the size of Texas!

It was such a fun night!!!

This picture is totally out of order, but I wanted to make sure I included it somewhere on the blog. We went with the Brott Family to a Rough Riders baseball game in Frisco one night right after school had started (probably sometime in September). The kids didn't pay much attention to the game, but it was a fun night. Here is a picture of the kids with the mascot.....