Sunday, June 5, 2011

Disney Day 6 and 7

The last day of our time in Disney World we decided to go back and ride some of our favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Cooper and Richard headed straight to Space Mountain while Emily and I went to do our own thing. We rode the Teacups several times, Winnie the Pooh, the Orbiter, and the Go-Kart ride. She and I had a great time together...we even met a dad and son from Little Rock while we were in line!

Emily REALLY wanted to meet Ariel and Prince Eric, so I waited in line while they all went and rode more rides. It was finally time to meet Ariel and Emily started acting so shy. I'm not sure what the problem was but Emily ended-up in tears!! I think she was just worn out from the trip...but still it was Ariel!! Who knows, but she has told me several times since then that she wants to go back and see Ariel again!

Cooper thought the big Tree House was really neat. Here he is posing in front of it : )

We rode Splash Mountain one more time. The kids loved this ride!

And of course Thunder Mountain was another favorite too. Emily was having a great time!

Another new ride to us this day was the Magic Carpet ride. This was an easy ride that the kids really enjoyed. (the line was so long!!)

Cooper was excited to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean. He loved it and said it was not scary at all!

We took a break and went back to the hotel to swim and rest for a while. Our last stop was at Hollywood Studios. We ate some yummy pizza and then rode Rock N Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror a few more times. We stayed and watched the Fantasmic show...but we were not too impressed.

We really did have a great time at Disney World. There were times that it did feel more like work than vacation but we still had fun. We are hoping to try a Disney Cruise for our next big family trip...hopefully that we be the best of both worlds : )

Day 7 was spent flying home to Dallas. The next day I got up early and met Mom to pick-up Lucy. We missed her so bad but we were so glad to not have her to keep up with at Disney World....that would have been wild! A big thanks to my mom for keeping Lucy for 9 days!!