Thursday, March 10, 2011

Since My Last Post

Wow!! It has been almost 2 months since my last post. We have just had so much going on that sitting down to blog just has not happened. Richard was gone for a week to California, then I went to Maui for almost a week (without kids and it was wonderful!!), then we had MORE snow, next was Valentine's Day, and we just got back from a week at Disney World!! (see we have been busy!)
In between all the traveling we have had some fun here at home too!

We FINALLY got the chandelier hung in our dining room. When we bought the house, the previous home owners wanted to take the chandelier with them. We did not think that was a big deal until we moved in and realized that they took the medallion with them too. That left us with no light and a huge hole in the ceiling where the medallion was. I had a hard time finding a medallion big enough to cover the hole. Once I found one, then I had to paint it. So....6 months later it was all finally done. Thanks to our awesome neighbor and friend Greg for all of his help. It was a much harder project than we thought it would be.

I do not have any pictures of the next snow/ice that we got here in Texas, but the kids were out of school for 4 days thanks to all of the bad weather. It was a long 4 days!! Once the ice melted away it was time for our first "Daddy Daughter Dance". Emily and Richard went with 2 other daddy's and their daughters to dance the night away. Richard looked so nice in his suit and tie. Of course he went all out for Emily and bought her a beautiful corsage and made her feel special all night : ) Emily picked her own outfit for the big evening (not exactly what I had in mind....she is very opinionated about what she wears!!) They had a great time and enjoyed making memories with new friends.

Cooper and Emily both had Valentine's Day Parties at school. We had to decorate something for them to bring to school to put all of their valentine's in. They each went with the monster theme. I thought they turned out super cute!!

During February Cooper's class celebrated the 100th day of school. They were each asked to make something they could wear that had 100 items on it. Cooper decided to glue 100 eyes to a baseball hat. They had a "fashion show" that introduced each student and what they were wearing. Poor Cooper was recovering from pink eye and an ear infection so he does not look like he feels very good in these pictures (and the pictures are fuzzy for some reason)

Our crazy girl Lucy is always up to trouble. She still puts anything and everything in her mouth. She was walking around recently with 3 nails in her mouth (yes....I will be winning mother of the year this year!) It is still hard for me to believe that she is already 18 months old. Lucy is not talking much, so we have a speech therapy evaluation at the end of March. She thinks it is really funny to put her feet on the table during meal time.

After all the snow and ice, we finally had some really nice weather. We have gone on several family bike rides together. A couple of times there have been a few neighbor kids go with us too. This was at one of the parks by our house.

Richard and I were out working in the back yard one day while Lucy was taking a nap. It was warm out....but not THAT warm. Cooper and Emily really wanted to jump in the pool. After lots of begging, we finally let them. The water was freezing (it was Feb.19th) but they still jumped in several times!

I am going through all of the pictures from Disney World....I promise it will not take 2 months to post again : )