Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Look Mom...No Training Wheels!

I am so proud of Emily. She is riding her bike with no training wheels and she is not even 4 and 1/2 yet!! I think that is a big accomplishment. She practiced just a couple of times with Daddy and then off she went all by herself. Way to go Emily!!

Just so you know... the truck in this picture is PARKED there and is not about to run into Emily.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last Post to Get Me Up-To-Date!!!!

My last post ended with the month of August. It seems like September and October were really busy months for us, but I do not have many pictures to blog with. The Simmons Family came to visit us over Labor Day Weekend and for some reason I do not have one single picture. We had a great time and can't wait for them to come back for another visit. We also took a trip to Arkansas to visit my Mom and to see the Razorbacks beat Ole Miss. We stayed with the Baber Family and I got to have a fun night out with my college friends. Again...another trip with no pictures!! I have to get back into "blogging" mode so that I remember to take pictures more often.

So.... on to the stuff that I do have pictures of.

Flag Football

Cooper has been wanting to play football for a long time, so since Texas is such a big football state we figured this was a great time to start playing. The name of his team is the "Cowboys" and Richard is the head coach. The Cowboys have come a long way since their first practice. The last game is next weekend and so far they have won 2 games and lost 4. Cooper has scored so many touchdowns that I can't even keep up. If he and his teammates could just remember to pull the other teams flags, we would be in good shape. He has had a great time playing and we have met several sweet friends.

One of the other Mom's at football has started calling Emily "Hollywood" since she always looks so glamorous with her sunglasses on. She has enjoyed having a new nickname : )

Mail from MeMe

The kids love to get mail...especially a big box full of toys! Meme has been missing the kids so she sent the kids a "care package". The kids had a great time opening the box and seeing what all new stuff they got. Thanks Meme!!

Gatti Town

There is a place in Frisco called Gatti Town--it's like Chuck E. Cheese, just bigger and more fun! They were having a Halloween Party a few weeks before Halloween, so we took the kids and they had a great time. A Haunted House, Face Painting, Movies, Pizza, Icees, Games...what more could you want!! We all had a really fun time together. I think the kids favorite part was getting their face painted. (poor Cooper woke-up the next morning and had had a reaction to the face paint. His face was so swollen he could barely open his eyes)

Cooper riding the indoor bumper cars

Emily riding the indoor Sea Dragon

she had so much fun!!

Mini Bowling--the kids love this!

Halloween 2010

I think this is the worst I have ever done taking pictures on Halloween night. I don't even have one of the 3 kids together. Our new neighborhood goes crazy over Halloween--tons of candy, decorations, dressing-up, and lots of fun!! We had wonderful weather and the kids did not have school the next day, so that made it even more fun to stay out with our new friends. It was a great night!!

they started with some fun Halloween treats from MawMaw

Then off for some trick-or-treating. Cooper was BumbleBee (the Transformer) and Emily was some sort of Barbie princess. Lucy was a razorback cheerleader, but she did not stand still long enough for me to get a good picture of her.

running away...

We tried to keep her in the wagon, but she wanted no part of it!! She would take the candy from her bucket and try to eat through the package, when that did not work she just started throwing all the candy onto the street. She was wild and crazy that night!