Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Little Lucy

I remember back about a year ago when I did a blog post titled TROUBLE...of course it was all about Lucy. Lucy is still always up to something! Several of these pictures go back to earlier in 2011 and some happened during the summer of 2011, but I have to post all of these pictures so that I never forget how "busy" Lucy was as a toddler.

How could this sweet face every do anything wrong?

One of her favorite things to do is to go into Emily's closet and very quietly pull all of her clothes off of the hanger!! She knew she was in trouble in this picture. (at least I caught her before she had pulled ALL of the clothes down!)

She has not done this in a while, but she used to think this was really fun....(those are the big flowers that are in Emily's room, she pulled them all out of their pots and the grass too!)

she got in trouble for this

A lot of times while she was "busy", she was busy being cute!

Like coming downstairs dressed like a bunny rabbit!

or making funny faces while I try to get a picture

or getting all dressed up and telling me it's time to go!!

or climbing on top of the desk and showing me pictures of her on the computer!

or jumping off the diving board at the pool about a 100 times, sometimes when no one was there to help her swim to the ladder!

Sometimes things weren't cute or even funny. Sometimes little Miss Lucy can really scare her Mommy!!

Like the time she walked on the hot driveway with no shoes on and got 2nd degree burns on the bottom of her feet!! ( the pictures do not show how bad her feet looked--poor girl!)

And definitely the MOST scary thing she did was pull her dresser over in her room. I was not in there and I only heard a small crash. I thought she had fallen, but I didn't think it was any big deal. When I finally made it down to her room, this is what I saw............

I was so glad she was not hurt! But still to this day, I can not figure out how she did this!!

But then there is the sweet side of Lucy that melts my heart. Probably one of my most favorite things, was when I walked into our closet on night and found her little shoes put perfectly on daddy's shoe

And before we took her paci away back in August, this is how she would sleep every night. One paci in her mouth, and then one on each index finger. SO.CUTE.!!!

We love our Lucy!! She definitely keeps us on our toes....and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Football, Dance, and Green Hair

So....I am still playing catch-up since the first day of school. I figure that since it is almost February now, I better hurry up and get caught up before I have to post the last day of school pictures : ) I really am going to try my best to make it a top priority to get this blog up to speed!!

As soon as school got started, so did the activities. Cooper started his second year of flag football and Emily started taking a jazz and hip-hop dance class.

Richard coached Cooper's team again this year, but they changed their name to the Super Heroes! We started off a little slow, but by the end of the season they were all playing so much better.

Two of Cooper's biggest fans!

Cooper in action

By the end of the game, this is what Lucy looked like.....

It was sooooo hot!

The kids love to run through the tunnel of parents at the end of the game!

Emily likes to dress herself and I never know what she is going to have on. When she goes to dance class I think she feels the need to be extra sassy! I think she looks so cute!

MawMaw happened to be in town for dance this day, so she got to pose in some pictures and watch our future hip-hop star : )

little cutie

I love how Lucy is looking up at MawMaw in this picture!

Cooper's school has Wacky Wolford Week every year. One this day they had Crazy Hair day. We sprayed Cooper's hair green.

Of course these 2 wanted green hair too!