Monday, August 29, 2011

Cooper's 7th Birthday and Last Days of Kindergarten

How is it that I have a 7 year old??? It seems like everyone is right when they say that the days are long but the years are short!

We had Cooper's birthday party in May. Since summers are really busy here in Texas, I was worried none of his friends would be in town during the month of June. It worked out great...almost everyone he invited was able to come. We had his party at a place called Strikz. He and all his buddies got to bowl, eat pizza and cake, and then play video games and laser tag. I think everyone had a great time!!


Of course Lucy had to join in with the dancing too!!

Emily was not a big fan of the bowling shoes with her dress : )

the cake

I cute way to try and keep Lucy's outfit from getting dirty

They were so busy having fun that we ran out of time and had to open presents at home. He got lots of Legos, Star Wars stuff, and all the other fun stuff that boys his age love! It was a fun day!

On his actual birthday he and Emily had vacation bible school that day. He woke-up to a few more gifts and a big Happy Birthday Cooper sign.

June 2nd was Cooper's last day of Kindergarten. A few days before that his school had kindergarten appreciation day. All of the kindergarten classes got up on stage together and they sang a cute song. Then each teacher calls each kid by name and tells them why they appreciate them. It was really sweet! Cooper's teacher actually got a little emotional while she was talking about him...I'm not sure if she was crying tears of joy that her year was over, or if she was a little sad to see him go.... : )

best buddies

This was Cooper on his last day. He loves to ride his bike, but we follow him in the car to make sure he makes it to school safely. We had a few bumps along the way, but all in all Cooper had a great year in kindergarten. He made some sweet friends and we are looking forward to him growing-up at this school.

this was Cooper on his first day of kindergarten...he looks like such a baby

Monday, August 22, 2011

More Catch-Up (most of May)

Since it is almost the end of August and I am just now updating for May, I am going to try and keep this short and sweet. I have so many pictures and this blog really is our only "scrapbook" so I am going to try and document all the fun stuff that went on during the month of May : )

Emily and Lucy's school had a show right before the end of the school year. It was a Sesame Street theme and it was so cute! Lucy was not sure what to think with all of the people in the audience, but she did a great job trying to sing along and she stayed on stage for the whole thing (it was a pretty long show!)

Lucy was not so good while Emily and all the older kids were on stage. The suckers were helpful...

and so was MawMaw...

but she kept giving me looks like this..

Emily had a speaking part, she was so brave and acted like a natural up on stage!

Emily's class had a very small "field day". It really wasn't much of anything but the kids seemed to be having a great time!

one of Emily's favorite friends : )

there was a game that involved water. Lucy thought it was fun to first dip her cookie in the yucky, grassy water...

and then eat it!!

The BIG DAY of graduation from Pre-K!!! She was so excited to wear her cap and gown! She looked so big....where did my baby girl go???

This is a picture that one of her teachers took. I LOVE it!!

One of Emily's best friends...Elyse!

Emily's two sweet teachers, Mrs. Jenna and Mrs. Amy.

Emily had an awesome group of kids in her class this year. We had an end-of-the-year party at Chuck E. Cheese. It was so much fun! We are so excited that 2 of Emily's friends are going to be going to Kindergarten with her this fall!

I found her on the skee ball machine...walking up and down it!!

And just for fun....a picture of Emily from the first day of school and one from the last day.

Cooper did not have much going on this month. He did have the honor of having some of his artwork on display at the school district office. He loves art class! Way to go Coop!