Thursday, April 16, 2009

Please Pray

I got a call today from my OB. She said that after reviewing my ultrasound film that there are a couple of things that she did not see on the film and that I would need a new ultrasound in 8 weeks. She said that this is NOT a big deal and that it really came down to the position of the baby and the placenta being in the way during the pictures. During the ultrasound the tech kept saying that Lucy was in an awkward position and that she was having trouble taking pictures of everything (I thought nothing of it at the time). Knowing that all of my blood work came back fine really helps put my mind at ease but I am still a little worried since this has never happened to me before.

Please continue to pray for a healthy baby and that little Miss Lucy will be in a better position at our next ultrasound so that we can see everything that needs to be seen.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Healthy Baby

I know that I should have made a post on Thursday but I have been really busy. Everything went great at our appointment (except having to wait for 2 hours!!) and we have a healthy baby girl growing inside me. They called on Friday to let me know that all of my lab work came back negative, so that was a big relief.

We did find out that I have an anterior placenta. It is not a big deal, but that is why I have not been feeling her move as much as I thought that I should be. Basically, the placenta usually (70% of the time) is located on the spine side of your uterus. But with an anterior placenta it is located on the stomach side of your uterus. That means that when she is kicking, the placenta acts as a cushion or "pillow" between us.

They used the 4D ultrasound for a few pictures of her face and although she was cute, she looked a lot like E.T. It will be neat when they can do that again once she has some more fat on her. Right now she weighs about 10 oz. I can promise you that my stomach looks like she weighs about 10 lbs!! I am huge!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

We Have A Name

Ever since we found out I was pregnant, the kids have called the baby "turtle bug". Which I think is super cute, but I think that we finally have a name for our sweet girl. The name is.......

Lucy Caroline Cleveland

For those of you who do not know, Richard tried to change Emily's name while we were in the hospital and then again when she was 2 years old. So this is not an official announcement of her name, I have learned that until the baby gets here (or even until she is 2) that the name could change. But for now that is the name that we have decided on. We just think that Lucy is cute and Caroline is after my mom (Carol). All of our kids middle names are after one of their grandparents.

We have our big ultrasound on Thursday this week. I am a little nervous since I have not felt the baby move. I have felt a small flutter every once in a while, but I really thought that I would be feeling more movement by the 19th week. I will make a post on Thursday to let you know what I find out--keep us in your prayers!!