Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Emily's 5th Birthday

I'm only 3 months late making this post : ) Emily could not decide what kind of party she wanted this year, but she finally decided on a gymnastics party. She had friends from school and our neighborhood. They all had a great time!

one of Emily's Best Friends

Emily on the high bar

Cooper jumping into the pit

Lucy LOVED the pit

parachute fun!

Emily's Rapunzel cake

I loved this sweet look on her face while we sang Happy Birthday to her

blowing out the candles

the party is over....time to go home with a balloon and more treats!

after the party, we went to eat at the Purple Cow to celebrate with some purple ice cream!

morning of her birthday

the whole crew

our famous birthday morning "measure"

I think she had a great day--some fun Barbie toys, TONS of make-up, and a trip to Hurricane Harbor!

Happy 5th Birthday my sweet girl!