Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve Surprise

I am going to make a couple of "Christmas" post since I have so many pictures. We had a wonderful Christmas this year!! The kids are at such a fun age right now. Christmas really seemed magical this year. We tried to take a couple of pictures of the kids before we left to go to church, but they were not too excited about smiling for the camera. (I did get one cute one)

After church, we went out to dinner. It was nice to not have to cook a meal or to have to clean-up a mess. So, when we got home we tried a few more family pictures--it went a little better this time.

Cooper wanted to take a picture of our "Elf on a Shelf" since this was his last night with us this year. His name is Buddy and he has really helped everyone behave much better this holiday season. We can't wait to see Buddy again next year!! for the SURPRISE......I gave Richard a gift on Christmas Eve that he will never forget! (I have to tell you that these pictures are a re-enactment since I was video taping the "big surprise"--I was not able to catch the moment on my camera)

Yes, those are baby bottles! I am PREGNANT!!! Richard was so excited to open his gift of baby stuff and a sweet note that we are expecting baby #3!!! We have been praying for so long about the possibility of a third baby--but we were a little surprised by how quickly our prayer was answered!! It is really early on in this pregnancy (5 weeks), but please pray for a healthy baby and a pregnancy without throwing-up or zits!!! Cooper and Emily were not too excited at first, but I think they are starting to warm-up to the idea of a baby. Emily now says that she has a baby in her tummy too!!

I wish that I had more pictures to post of Christmas Eve and the presents that the kids opened that night, but after the shocking news we all just sat around and could not believe that we are going to have 3 kids!!! (I still can not believe it!!) So while we (mostly my mom) were in shock, the kids opened tons of presents (some they were not supposed to open) and none of it was captured on film. I wish I had a picture of my mom from that night--TOTAL SHOCK!! She was basically speechless. I think she is finally getting used to the idea of a third baby. I know by September she will be ready.

One more my good friends that read this blog that have not received a phone call from me about this pregnancy. I am sorry that I have not called--I promise that you have been on my mind, I just have not a chance to call yet. My only free time is around 10:00-11:00 pm and I know that you do not want me to call then. I promise to call, but in the meantime.....PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!!! Love you all!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in Fort Smith

We went to Fort Smith on Saturday and had Christmas with my Mom, Matt and his family. We had a good time and of course the kids loved all of their gifts!! Cooper loves to dress-up as any action hero, so now we have The Hulk to add to our collection and some fun Pirates of the Caribbean stuff. The next day, Cooper wore his Hulk costume to the mall (and every other place we went that day!!)

We also celebrated my Mom's 67th birthday!! Happy Birthday Mom!!!

To end our fun trip to the Fort, we went to visit my best friend Sarah (aka Aunt Sarah). We did not get a good picture of her and the kids, but the kids were excited to get more presents!! The Wagner's are always so sweet to my kids (and me) and treat us as if we are family. Thanks Wagner's for always being so sweet!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Party at School

Cooper's class had a Santa party today. Santa and Mrs. Claus were there! Richard took the kids so that I could get a few things done around the house. We are leaving tomorrow to go to Fort Smith and celebrate my Mom's 67th birthday!! Here are some pictures from school this morning:

What to do when you are iced in???

Build a fort of course!!!

We had a couple of inches of ice on Tuesday (December 16th) so the kids did not have school. They were SO excited to spend the day at home with Mommy and Daddy!! After sleeping late and eating a big breakfast everyone was ready to play. We did puzzles, played games, made cookies, and our last project was to build a fort. The kids thought this was so much fun and I was thankful that it kept them occupied the rest of the day. In fact, Cooper loved it so much that he ended up sleeping in the fort that night.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

No More Thumbs

I feel like I have not posted in so long. Life has been really busy lately. Richard has been working really hard (as of right now he is the #1 rep in the company!!!!) and we have had several Christmas parties to go to. The biggest thing going on at our house right now is that Emily is not sucking her thumbs anymore!! This was not a decision that she made, but she has really handled it very well. We tried a product several months ago called "control it" and it worked, but we were not consistent with it like we needed to be. Recently we ordered some more of this wonderful stuff, but this time we got the "extra strength". It is just a cream that you rub on her thumbs and it taste awful. I had planned on trying this sometime after Christmas, but Richard thought we should go ahead and start now. It has gone much better than I thought it would. I am sad that I will never see my sweet girl covering her face with one hand and sucking the other hand's thumb--it was SO cute!! The funny thing with her was that she did not have a favorite thumb, she sucked on either one--sometimes both at the same time!! Here are some cute pictures from over the last 2 and 1/2 years of Emily and her thumbs.

We are so proud of you Emily!! Up next.....potty training!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I have been so busy that I have not had a chance to post what an awesome day I had last Sunday--on November 30th. I WAS BAPTIZED!! I was sprinkled as an infant and then again when I was in junior high, but it had been on my heart for a long time to get "dunked". It was so neat as an adult to declare Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Tim Lundy is the pastor at our church and a friend of ours--I thought that he was going to baptize me, but he called Richard up front and Richard was the one who actually baptized me. It was a wonderful experience. The kids were there too!!
Later that day when we were at lunch, Richard told me a cute story about Cooper. He had told Cooper that Mommy was getting baptized and Cooper asked what that meant.....Richard told him that it was Mommy showing the world that she believes in Jesus and that Mommy would get to go to heaven. Richard said that Cooper immediately got a very worried look on his face and said "is she going to heaven right now?" Ever since my Dad died we have had a lot of talks about heaven. Cooper knows that is where his PawPaw is and he always asks when is PawPaw coming back. We tell him that PawPaw is not coming back, but that we will get to see him when we go to heaven. So I guess when Richard told Cooper that I was going to heaven he was worried that I was going now and I that he would not see me again. He is such a sweet boy!!