Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Eve

Of course, life has been crazy around here so it has been too long since I last posted. Lucy has been having some tummy trouble, so we went to the doctor yesterday and I have spent the last 24 hours trying to get a stool sample from a 10 week old--trust me, this is NOT an easy task!! I should know in the next 5-7 seven days if she has a bug or if she needs to switch formula (I am hoping for the bug since the formula will be twice as expensive!!). While we were at the doctor she weighed 11 pounds and 9 ounces!! She is a growing girl!

Tonight the kids opened a Halloween gift from MawMaw. They loved the light-up ghost and new books. Thanks MawMaw!!

When Cooper opened his card, he immediately ran to get his card from last year--it was the same card! He has the best memory (I didn't even know we had the card from last year!)

Richard always tries to act like our children are in a circus act....never a dull moment around here!!

We have lots of fun stuff planned for tomorrow. I'm going to try my best to make another post tomorrow night. Have a Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

2 Months Old

Could she be any cuter???

WOW!! The time is flying by way to quickly! My sweet little baby is getting so big. Here are a few cute pictures I took today of our big 2 month old. We go to the doctor on Wednesday, so I will make another post then with all of her stats (and of course some more pictures!). She is such a great, easy-going baby. What a wonderful blessing she is!

here she is holding her head up so good....

during nap time today...

one more cute smile from Lucy...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

We have had such a fun weekend. Richard was out of town from Wednesday till Friday (and we survived!!) so we were glad to have lots of fun things going on this weekend. Friday night one of my best friends had her baby, Presley Jane, and we were so thankful for her safe arrival. Amie and Alan did not find out if they were having a boy or a girl, so it was extra exciting for this baby to arrive! I went to their house Friday night and stayed with their 16 month old so that Alan's mom could go meet Presley. We are so happy for them and their sweet baby girl!!

We had a "cove" party on Saturday. Our neighbor started cooking ribs pretty early in the day, so all the kids played outside all day long. We had to take a quick break and go to a birthday party (Happy 1st Birthday Chandler!). When we got back home it was time to eat! There were SO many people and SO much food--it was unbelievable! Our neighbors really know how to throw a party! The best part of the night was another neighbor had this HUGE screen and projector for us to all watch Monsters vs. Aliens on. It was like being at a drive-in. Everyone had their chairs, blankets, and treats!! It was so much fun--we are going to try and do the movie once a month (once the weather gets a little warmer). Here are a few pictures from movie night (the pictures really do not do justice to how big this screen was--it took 2 cars to hold the screen up!!)

Since there was so much food leftover, our neighbors had us over tonight for more ribs and some pumpkin carving! This was our first time to carve a pumpkin and it turned out pretty good. Here are a few pictures from tonight (I forgot to take a close-up of the finished product--I got one at night with the kids making silly faces!)

For some reason Emily likes to play outside in her PJ's...

Cooper helping Daddy...

Our neighbors finished pumpkin...

our finished pumpkin all lit-up...

Silly kids...

Tomorrow Lucy will be 2 months old--check back for more pictures!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Right after I finished my last post, I was playing with Lucy and she SMILED!!! She did it 3 times and kind of laughed too!! SOOOO cute!!! Hopefully I will be able to catch a smile with the camera sometime soon.

7 Weeks (and 2 days)

I can't believe that little Miss Lucy is already 7 weeks old. Time is going too fast! I am trying to spend as much time as I can holding her and enjoying my last baby. She is still a great baby and has just fit into our life perfectly. I tried to take a few pictures of her today--I don't think she is a big fan of the camera. Most of the pictures I have of her are while she is sleeping, but I did get a couple of cute ones while she was awake today!

For the past several weeks I have been working on converting our guest bedroom into Lucy's room. She is still sleeping in the office in her pack n play, but we hope that she will be sleeping through the night soon and then we will move her up to her room. These are a few pictures of her room. She has the most basic room of all of my kids, but I still think it turned out cute. I had the curtains and cushions made to match her bedding. I am still looking for a rug and once I find that the room will be complete.