Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We had so much fun on Spring Break this year. We started off by leaving Saturday morning and going to Memphis. Our first stop was the Memphis Zoo. Our neighbors joined us on this trip and we all had a great time.

all the kids:

Emily and Zack:

Cooper and Sydney:

the panda bears were outside enjoying the nice weather:

the polar bear was swimming and putting on a show for everyone:

we also watched the Sea Lion show

The kids had a great time at the zoo and we were thankful for great weather. All the kids could talk about was "when are we going to the hotel". They could not wait to get to the hotel so they could go swimming at the indoor pool. We stayed at the Embassy Suites....and I think everyone else had the same idea as us--it was crowded!! The guys ended-up staying and swimming with the kids so that Kim and I could go shopping. She and I enjoyed having a little bit of girl time.

fun at the pool:

Lucy went to stay with my Mom while we were in Memphis. On Sunday they woke-up to about 6 inches of snow. Crazy Arkansas weather...70 degrees one day, snow the next! Thankfully it did not cause any trouble for driving. I met her in Russellville on Sunday and brought Lucy back home.

The next 3 days were spent here in Little Rock. We played ALL. DAY. LONG. We went to parks, ate ice cream, did arts and crafts projects, went and painted pottery with friends. It was all about the kids! On Thursday, Richard took Cooper and Emily to visit MawMaw. Of course they had even more fun there. Playing. Playing. Playing. After enjoying a day of just me and Lucy, she and I headed to Fort Smith on Friday morning.

MawMaw and the kids playing a game:

love this picture:

Lucy making a cute/funny face:

We have started giving the kids an allowance. Actually last Friday was the first "pay day". We tried to make a big deal about how important they are and how important it is that they be a responsible member of our family. Not sure they cared too much about what I had to say, but they were super excited to have their own money.

My mom was nice enough to watch Cooper and Emily Saturday and Sunday so that Richard, Lucy, and I could go to Rogers for a birthday party. My friend Susanne decided to throw herself a birthday party. It was so much fun!! We got up to Rogers and little early so that we could shop and enjoy an easy-going day. Susanne and Andy's little boy, Kelso, is about 7 weeks older than Lucy. They were so cute together!

this is a picture from December...they have grown so much!

I thought this was so cute...they are holding hands!!

I did not get any pictures of me with the birthday girl : ( We had a great time and it was great to visit with old friends--we missed you Stacey! We headed back home on Sunday and it has been back to our normal routine around here. We are looking forward to a wonderful Easter weekend!

St. Patrick's Day

I know that my post are out of order, but I forgot to make a post about St. Patrick's Day. I went and picked-up Cooper early from school. We first went and had lunch at Red Lobster with Meme (cooper was not on his best behavior and I forgot to take any pictures). From there we went to Chuck E Cheese. I have realized that since Cooper goes to school 5 days a week that I do not get to have much "fun" time with just he and I. I am going to make sure that I do this at least once a month and spend quality time with just him. We had a great time together and I am looking forward to having another special day soon!

on his favorite roller coaster game:

Next time I will make sure that it is just the two of us, but this day he did ask for Lucy to come with us. She was a perfect always : )

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

7 Months Old....a few days late

I know I say this every month, but how is it possible that Lucy is already 7 months old!! She is such a good baby and has been changing so much. She had her first ear infection 2 weeks ago and while at the doctor she weighed in at 17 pounds 2 ounces. She is eating baby food...I have got to get better at taking the time to feed her baby food several times a day. Right now I am lucky to feed her one jar a day. She is finally sleeping through the night (for the most part). Every once in a while she will wake-up in the middle of the night but she will usually cry for a few minutes and then go back to sleep. Her first bottle is usually around 6:30 am....but considering that she has been going to sleep by 8:00pm, I feel like we are doing pretty good!! Lucy went to stay with my mom this past weekend and while she was gone she cut her first tooth. It kind of makes me sad to see her "growing-up" : ( She is good at rolling over and I can tell that she really wants to be moving. If she could figure it out, she would already be crawling. (hopefully she will hold off on that!) She has also just started shaking her head NO all the time. I have got to try and get her on video--it's so cute and she smiles so big while she is doing it.

Lucy is doing great at sitting-up unsupported and she rarely falls. She loves to sit and play with her toys.

Cooper and Emily are enjoying Lucy more and more each day. She loves to watch them play and they are about the only ones that can make her laugh.

Lucy loves to put her hands in her mouth. When she is happy, the first thing she does is stick her hands in her mouth--so cute!

She also loves to blow raspberries. She does this A LOT, with LOTS of slobber.

I think this picture is so funny. Lucy looks like she is bored and ready for the photo shoot to be over!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

School and Soccer

This week Emily's class has been in charge of leading chapel. It is so sweet to hear a little 3 year old saying a prayer or leading everyone in song. Emily and the rest of the girls were in charge of leading the pledge and singing The Old Flag. They all did a great job.

Emily saying her name in the microphone:

All 4 girls saying the pledge:

Singing their song:

Lucy was not too sure about all of it:

Emily loves to come home from school and put her pajamas on. Today she decided that her dog, Taco, needed a bow since she had one:

Cooper had his first practice for Upward Soccer tonight. Cooper has never played a team sport, so this was all new tonight. He did GREAT and he had so much fun!!! They have their first game in 2 weeks--it should be pretty entertaining!

At first Emily was very tired and thought it was a good idea to hang-out in Lucy's car seat:

Then she decided she wanted to be a cheerleader for Cooper--GO PANTHERS!!

We went to Outback for dinner. On the way there, Cooper put his new uniform on (the socks were too big and he had them pulled-up to thigh!!-so cute! ) After he had changed, he looked himself over and said " I look NICE". He was cracking me up!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

School Carnival and Pancakes

CAC had their annual school fundraiser event Friday night, it's called Spring Thing. The kids had a great time playing games and jumping on the bounce around.

I think Emily looks so cute in her school uniform. Cooper likes to wear his "spirit shirt" on Fridays : )

Emily and her best friend at school, Eva:

Cooper with a little bit of face paint:

Later on with his best buddy, Brady, and lots more face paint!!

We used to have "Pancake Saturday" every Saturday at our house. It has been a long time since we have had pancakes (I think things changed once Lucy arrived), but this past Saturday the kids were begging for some yummy pancakes. The kids always ask me to make them special pancakes...a power ranger, SpongeBob, a teddy bear...and surprisingly I have been to fulfill their request. This past Saturday, Emily wanted me to make her name. It turned out much better than I expected.

Cooper asked for Gary the snail from SpongeBob. This was not my best Gary but it was still pretty good.

The pancakes were so good, we will definitely have to start having Pancake Saturday every week!! Yum Yum!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Little Flower

I am always in such a hurry that I forget to put cute bows or flowers in Lucy's hair (or I guess I should say around her head). We met Meme for lunch the other day and I remembered the flower--SO CUTE!! I totally forgot to take any pictures while we were at lunch : (